Bernie Sanders and/or his campaign has not paid one solitary cent for this song, image or video.  We are not currently affiliated with the campaign but we support it wholeheartedly and offer this song for their use, free of charge.  Punned It has paid for all expenses incurred and related to the song and video and can be contacted at PunnedItBand at

Lyrics by Mel Flannery, Alex Wernquest, Lindsey Poleck, Wesley Nichols and Danny Sher
©Mel Flannery 2016

Recorded live in studio to tape and produced by Alex P. Wernquest at Basement Floods Records
Mastered by Jon Hildenstein

Mel Flannery - Vocals
Wesley Nichols - Electric Piano and Organ
Danny Sher - Drums
Alex P. Wernquest - Bass and Electric Guitars

Cover art by Maya Renfro 

Contact: PunnedItBand at