Endless gratitude to:

Elton John and Bernie Taupin for writing the masterpiece, "Tiny Dancer," and for making it easy for us to license it.  We are genuine fans and our version was written and recorded out of love and admiration for both Elton and Bernie.  We hope you like it if you ever hear it, Sir Elton!

Maya Renfro for the incredible mash-up image.  http://mayarenfro.tumblr.com/

Jeff Caulo for making the awesome lyric video.  http://squintfilm.tumblr.com/

Jon Hildenstein for mastering the recording. http://www.joelambertmastering.com/jonhildenstein.html

Wesley Nichols for being a peach. http://www.patchworksymphony.bandcamp.com

Basement Floods studio for ruling so hard. http://basementfloods.tumblr.com

Danny Sher for being the first one in our crew to utter the phrase, "Hold me closer, Bernie Sanders." (and he meant it, too.)

Lindsey Poleck for being a delight.

Biggest thanks of all to Bernie Sanders for fighting the good fight!