Hold me closer, bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders and/or his campaign has not paid one solitary cent for this song, artwork or video.  We are not currently affiliated with the campaign but we support it wholeheartedly and offer this song for their use, free of charge.  Punned It has paid for all expenses incurred and related to the song and can be contacted at PunnedItBand at gmail.com.

If the video doesn't play it's because Elton John's publishing company, Universal Music Publishing Group, blocked it ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES the day after it was announced that Sir John will be playing a concert for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Our song and video is fair use of the original under parody law, and what's more, we actually licensed the original for digital distribution and interactive streaming just to be sure we were playing by the rules. UMPG has only come after the viral videos for the song, not the actual song itself (which you can hear and download here!) further proving that this is about publicity and web presence, not copyright infringement. It's not fair, but it's also not something we're capable of contesting due to the might of UMPG's legal team and the ambiguity of law when it comes to YouTube and copyright in general. And, really, we did this to do something positive and fun, getting into an ugly, uphill legal battle doesn't sound like a great time. It's disappointing now but the initial response from the press and thousands of people who saw the video was amazing and we had a blast and a half making it. Thank you for your support.

Full Lyrics by Punned It:

Brooklyn baby, dad immigrated, Polish-American Jew
Four eyed, hair of white, got ‘em shaking in their shoes
Goldman and Lehman won’t know what hit ‘em, he will clean up wall street’s mess
And now we’re with him, always with him, Bernie Sanders is my pres'

Jesus freaks, out in the streets, Bernie may not be your man
Church and state, separate, Bernie knows that that’s the plan

Started out mayor, a major player, in the Vermont punk rock scene
Civil rights, he fights the fight, heard firsthand Dr. King’s dream

But, oh, how it is surreal, tying in Iowa
Only we can make him candidate
If we just vote in the primaries

You’re getting closer, Bernie Sanders
Count donations from the people
Lay your plan out on the table
Get money out of politics today

You’re the closer, Bernie sanders
Fix the wage gap, schools and highways
End the school to prison pipeline
And bring the troops back home today 

Feel the Bern
Feel the Bern

Lyrics © Melanie R. Flannery 2016

The image of Bernie as Elton is by Maya Renfro ©2016

*We are aware Lehman Brothers no longer exists, but we are also aware that no one who was at Lehman has been arrested or held accountable by the government. That's what we're getting at. Also, the "Jesus freaks" we are referring to are the radical type who don't recognize or understand the importance of the separation of church and state. We think Bernie is a great candidate for people of all religions, including Christians, of course. (And we just wanted to use some of the original lyrics where we could!)*